• 5 Benefits of a Notary Service

    January 22, 2019
  • When you run a business of any kind, you will, from time to time, need to enlist the services of a notary.

    What is a notary? 

    A notary is a person authorized by the government to officially witness the signing and sealing of legal documents, whether it be a last will and testament or some type of business contract.

    Basically, if you do business, at some point you will need to get a notary’s services.

    In this article, we will outline 5 common reasons you might need to hire a Notary service in Gulfport, MS.

     Not only are these some of the most common situations encountered by notaries, but also it will give you some idea of when you might need one in your business or private life.

     Here are five common benefits of a notary service:

    1.  Peace of Mind

       Notaries don’t just sign documents but also make sure you’re doing everything by the books.

       You’d hate to have something scuttled by a last minute paperwork error. Notaries typically make sure this doesn’t happen.

      When you look for a notary in Gulfport, be sure to read previous client reviews to make certain that you get a notary known for integrity and reliability.

    2. Mobility

      Have your notary come to where you do business.

      One of the best benefits of the modern notary is that they can meet you where you are conducting business.

      Of course, not every notary is willing to do this so you might want to discuss it with your notary first.

    3. Wills and Other Legal Documents

      When it comes to finalizing a last will and testament, you will need a notary to witness the signing of the document. Even a living will requires a notary’s signature in most states.

      This is where having a notary on call is so helpful for people who deal with legal documents such as wills.

      Often wills have to be notarized in locations other than a lawyer’s office (such as in a hospital before a major surgery, for example).

      Having a reliable, go-to notary in these situations not only makes everything easier but also insures that everything is handled by someone you know and trust.

    4. Real Estate and Mortgages

      As outlined above, having a notary on call can save you a lot of time, but especially if you work in real estate and have to deal with local government officials as well as banks on a regular basis.

      Every experienced agent knows that, the easier you make the deal, the more likely it is to happen. If you need a notary to help sign and seal everything, then you need to have one or two on call.

    5. To Save Time

       When a deal comes down to the wire, you want to be sure to have everything in place to make sure it goes through.

       Anyone who has bought a house or negotiated a long-term business contract knows this.

       That’s why one of the biggest reasons people use a notary is to save time and keep business moving along.

       Even better is a mobile notary service that comes directly to you, saving you time and money.

       If you’re a real estate agent or otherwise someone who deals a lot with legal documents, then having a Notary in Gulfport is almost a no brainer.