• How to Securely Send Sensitive Document Tax to Notary in Gulfport

    January 22, 2019
  • The sensitive and private information you have in your tax documents are what an identity thief is dreaming of having; information like addresses, names, banking information, Social Security numbers, and so on. This tax document is the most complex packet of information that most people send out every year. Although this is common, not all of us take the right steps to secure the data present in this document. So, how then do you think you can secure the information in this document tax especially when sending it for tax preparation or printing? Below are some options you need to be wary about.

    When sending your tax document for tax preparation, do not send it over email. Although the use of email may seem private (like if you are using an email account that has a more secure HTTPS connection like Gmail), you don’t know how the recipient’s server looks like. Your recipient may be downloading your tax document from an unencrypted or unsecured HTTP connection. Now, things may go unsecured especially if they are downloading the attachment from a public Wi-Fi network.

    Now, the best way to send files digitally using email or by scanning them is by encrypting them. You can encrypt and send your tax document by using any of the tools available for free on the internet. One of these tools is the 7-zip which comes with super-strong AES-256 encryption making it easy for you to password-protect your document before sending to Notary in Gulfport. You will have to give the password to the notary, and you wouldn’t want to send it over email for the same reason you are afraid of sending your files as attachments.

    Document faxing to Notary in Gulfport is one of the fastest ways to get them delivered securely. As long as the phone of the notary public is not tapped, there is a higher chance that identity thieves will not intercept your tax document. However, you should get the correct fax number of your Notary when sending your tax document for tax preparation or document printing.

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